Online Runner Coaching

Announcing the return of my incredibly successful virtual runner coaching program!

In the past 15 years I have brought runners to Boston Marathon Qualifying as well as other top races, personal bests at every distance possible and many people through their first marathon or half marathon.

I have also been one of the countries top injury management trainers for over a decade, and I know that runners tend to carry a lot of injuries with them because they love to run so much!

Running for long distance is hard on the body and requires careful attention to progression of mileage and strength work.  Take the guesswork out of your program with a qualified, experienced coach by your side every stride of the way!

This is brought to you in a simple virtual format with tracking done virtually right onto your cell phone without any new equipment required!  David will walk you through the format which includes:

  • Custom personal training program for your distance and race
  • Weekly check-ins and unlimited email or text access
  • Race Day course analysis and strategy
  • Post race follow up
  • A custom strength program based on your weak points running
  • A custom mobility program to keep running from catching up with your joints

Programs are accessible to everyone for only $79 per month plus HST.  There is a 3 month minimum commitment towards your program.

Contact the Strength Rehabilitation Institute today for more information on this program!  We look forward to keeping you healthy and running for years to come!