Back Pain Guide

A long term client of mine who is a therapist asked me to provide her with a short bout of reading material in order to help the people she sees with back pain.  A short article turned into a longer article, and somehow managed to morph into a full e-book totalling 35 pages of information.

Funny How That Works is a three-part guide to learning why your back pain is happening, how you should approach it first to start to provide relief, and then the movements and exercises that are the most effective towards relieving it.

Step One is to figure out what is happening. Step Two is the top 5 mobility movements and stretches used by experts to help to control symptoms. Step Three is the exercises that you can do at home to begin to provide relief.

It was the #1 new release in its’ category on Amazon!

Simply click the link below to download it for a limited time for FREE. This will hopefully provide anyone who is having problems and cannot attend therapy or the gym with some simple movements that will alleviate pain. I hope it helps if you are housebound. 

Click to access funny-how-that-works_-a-simple-david-bateman.pdf