What Can I Expect?

Personal Training should be PERSONAL.

To me, this means that it should take into account the individual and whatever state they happen to be in – on that day –  at that time.  Giving a person a cookie cutter program that you find on the internet or have done with several other people that week just isn’t what in my opinion training is meant for.

To begin with:

A thorough evaluation should be done which includes not only goals, but also lifestyle factors, environmental factors and possible obstacles to success   My evaluation typically takes about 90 minutes and at the end, that client has a great idea of not only where they are right now, but what is the beginning strategy for them to move forward.  This includes:

Postural evaluation in various positions depending on demand
Range of motion testing for all major joints
Muscle testing for all major areas to assess the ability to hold position
Primal movement patterns and basic strength movements depending on goal
Nutrition and Lifestyle discussion (if needed)

This allows me to best give the client an idea of their best approach, whether that be working with me or another professional.  I will then let you know based on your goals and what you are telling me what it will take to get you onto your journey to feeling and moving better.  Some people have worked with me for six weeks and gotten great results, others have worked with me for five years and continue to strengthen and move forward.

Your workouts will be intense – but will be based on how your body is feeling at that time under those circumstances.   Therefore, no two workouts will be the same because using factors such as positions, motions, time, intensity and appropriateness I can adjust things each workout to suit any situation. and base it on what will be best for you.  Whether you want to bench press 300 pounds or just be able to climb stairs without pain, the application of microprogression is the same.

Currently I work with my clients from a small private facility located in central Ottawa, Ontario.  My studio has all the equipment required in order to give you whatever your body needs.

Your work with me is what I like to call The Exercise Experience.  Doing exactly what is best for your body in order to move towards your goals with a trainer who is 100% focused on you for the entire time you are together.  Feel free to contact me for more information and even get a sense of what you can experience with me and why it is different than you will find working with other trainers.  My record of results and satisfied clients speaks for itself.


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