What Does It Cost?

Our philosophy is that personal training doesn’t need to be expensive.  Therefore pricing amounts differently based on length of program makes no sense to me.  One hour of time with me is just as valuable as one hundred and I will do my best to make sure that you get the most out of it.  Some clients see me once a month, some see me three times per week.

What is included with your initial online package:

  • Initial program setup and an hour long virtual session to walk you through the exercises assigned. All programming is done through the Trainerize app which is easily accessed via computer, tablet or phone.
  • Weekly check-ins and following up, adjusting the program as needed.
  • The ability to correspond with me daily via email or Messenger.
  • Access to an exercise library and your program through the Trainerize App that is provided free of charge.

The cost is $80 per session. I ask for ongoing sessions together, especially at the beginning but there is no hard timeline or amount of sessions. This gives us time to work together and establish proper habits and make sure your rehabilitation can be progressed properly. If you would like more one on one attention, additional virtual training sessions are available.

All payment methods are accepted (Interac transfers, online payment methods, and major credit cards).

If you would like to schedule an assessment or initial online meeting, please contact us via email at strengthrehabottawa@gmail.com or via my cell at 613-252-2972.


  1. Maurenia

    I think I need a running coach! I am a 49 yr old woman who has run over 20 marathons. For 15 years, I was a stay-at-home mom and had lots of time to train. Last year I made some life changing decisions – From September 2014 to May 2015, I went back to school which enabled me to get a good but full-time job, which I have been working at since May 2015. Through this entire time, I have kept running but, I don’t know what is happening to me, but I have gotten incredibly slow!!! I used to easily qualify for Boston, but this Summer to Fall I trained for a marathon that I was going to run in late October but my runs were so SLOW that I was too embarrassed to even try to race it – so I bailed!!! I have never had a coach and have always just “did my own thing” – and it always seemed to work for me! But now, I think I need professional help! What I would like is to have you evaluate my current fitness level, my current time restrictions and my expectations (maybe they are simply not achievable), and make me up a marathon (or maybe even a half marathon) program taking all of my personal limitations and abilities into account that will get me back on track. Basically, I need someone to “kick my butt”!!!

    So what do you think? Also, what would be the cost for something like this?


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