The Purpose of this Blog

It is a good morning to write.  I’m full of energy and have been just reading about the latest “amazing weight loss” company to hit the market with a new product.  Which of course, has no information about how the product actually works, but reveals google search pages full of glowing testimonials, all from people that sell the product.

My career as a health professional started when I was quite unhealthy myself.  Over the past 12 years I have helped many, many people learn about not only what they need to do to get stronger and able to move without pain.  However, one of the things that I see constantly within my industry is that many people will tell you what to do, but they will never tell their clients why they are supposed to be doing these things.  Personal trainers will throw random exercises at clients in a circuit style because “it makes them sweat” or “it’s good for their core”.  People seeking nutrition advice will be handed a long list of what to eat and when, but never told how the food they eat actually works within their body or what might work better for their individual biochemistry.  This type of behaviour is something I try to change when I’m working with my people.

Everything you do as a health professional should have a purpose.  It should be designed specifically for that individual at that time in order to optimize the eventual end result or goal.  When designing a program for a client in order to increase strength,  many things need to be considered.  For example – plane, range of motion, speed, range of repetitions, body position are just a few.  Too many “personal trainers” eliminate the whole personal side of things and simply do the same exercises in the same order – with five different people.  I’m an advocate of the Resistance Training Specialist protocol, which states that:

The Functional Continuum® represents the understanding that every sound exercise fits along aspectrum. Each provides a specific challenge and adaptation/benefit that, when implemented appropriately is vital to a comprehensive exercise program. No exercise should be condemned or glorified. It is when, why, how, and with whom it is used that makes the difference.   The vital part of this statement is the WHY behind what you are supposed to be doing.

There are lots of myths about what is real or not within the exercise industry.  My hope with this blog is to bring to light a lot of things that I see on a regular basis and how to make things more effective for everyone.  In a purely selfish way it also allows me to do research on topics that I think will help people get to where they want to be – including myself.  I welcome any feedback and appreciate all comments.   Thanks for reading!


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