Testimonials and Thanks

It has been my privilege to help many people over the years, but here are some examples of those I have helped from the people themselves. I am always grateful to be able to help anyone, no matter what the situation:




Several years ago I hired David as a trainer to help me get into a regular workout routine.  Over the years he has trained me to deadlift 150 pounds, run three marathons (and he ran the first one with me!) and taken me through my first pregnancy.  I can’t really tell you in short words what a great trainer, coach and friend he is.  His approach really works because he gives you encouragement but also uses empathy and really gets to the point right away no matter what you are trying to do.  I highly recommend him to anyone as a coach or a trainer.

Meaghan W, Nurse – 32 years old.

Over the last 6 weeks, David has been an absolute pleasure to train with – he is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. David’s program combines diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs, nutrition advice, and challenging yet achievable goal setting. I have noticed a huge improvement in my muscle tone and energy level throughout the day, and feel better than I have in ages! His encouragement and support has kept me motivated to continue challenging myself to reach higher goals. Having David in the building makes showing up for the sessions that much easier, especially since he is so flexible when it comes to last minute time changes… there is never an excuse to miss a session, he knows where you live!

Jill N, Consultant – 26 years old.

Investing in personal training was a great investment. Dave reinforces the basics and is very knowledgeable in the body and the effects of poor form. Dave has a scientific mind and applies that knowledge to every workout. I think the greatest impact on me was adding running to my workout regimen. Dave, being an endurance specialist, taught me that I don’t have to go all out on my runs. Start with a minute run/walk intervals and increase by a minute each run. I used that philosophy and am now up to running a mile in 12 minutes. Now that I am working out on my own, I continue to practice perfect form, and incorporate the customized strength training that Dave designed for me. I highly recommend Dave to anyone.  No matter your fitness level, beginner or fitness enthusiast, Dave will create a customized program for you and get you on your way to achieving your goals, changing your lifestyle or running your first marathon.

Desarie H, Human Resources Specialist – 32 years old.

I have used David Bateman as a personal trainer for the past 8 months.  I have thoroughly enjoyed his professional, encouraging approach and benefitted from his extensive knowledge of exercises routines and fitness activities.  He tailored a variety workouts to meet my goals and constantly sought feedback regarding whether I was happy with my progress or whether I wanted to change to a different routine or goal.  His friendly, outgoing approach and geniune concern for how I was feeling before, during and after workouts as appreciated, as being in my late  fifties, I have acquired a few injuries and aches and pains  over the years!  Based upon his strong people skills and extensive subject matter knowledge, I would recommend David to people of all ages, male or female, to help achieve fitness goals.  He will help you get there!

Geoff C, Federal Government Analyst – 57 years old.

In March of 2013, I had the good fortune of being assigned David Bateman as my personal trainer.   For three months, David worked with me on a weekly basis to help me improve a chronic tennis elbow injury in both my arms that had persisted for more than 18 months.  After seeing many health professionals including physiotherapists, an osteopath, an acupuncturist and a chiropractor, I was absolutely desperate to get help and truly felt that I could have this condition for years to come.  David was the first person in 18 months to truly help me make progress with my injuries.  When I came to David in the beginning I had already had to give up many of the activities I love including cross country skiing, weight lifting and kickboxing just to name a few.  For three months, David showed me how micro progression was key and that I had to be patient.  Needless to say with his focused training techniques and his excellent knowledge of how the body works he was able to help me get rid of my tennis elbow and teach me the day to day maintenance that I would require to avoid this injury from happening again.  The bonus of my training with David is that not only did I get rid of an 18month long injury that was driving me crazy but he also helped me improve other issues that were flaring up including patella femoral syndrome and lower back pain.  David showed me that by taking the time to deal with these issues and to execute the exercises properly that I could avoid a lot of issues in the years to come.  Last but not least, with David’s background in running training he was also able to advise me on my running goals and help me work on the strengthening aspect for runners.  I would highly recommend David to anyone!
Lindsay H, Mother of 2 – 32 years old.

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