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An Update from the Institute

Wow, it has been about six months since I’ve posted a proper article on my site.  Due to lots of personal stuff and my business exploding in May time to sit down and write has been minimal at best.  I also have some exciting side projects that I have been working on, but I wanted to touch base with my readership and let you all know what is in the works.

First of all, for those of you who haven’t experienced it yet, ISOPHIT has become an integral part of my practice.  The results have been nothing short of amazing for providing new stable joints and allowing people who have limited range of motion to strengthen muscles without having to risk any issues.  I’m still offering FREE workouts on this apparatus if you want to experience it any time, just contact me.

I’m heading to Toronto in October to finally take the first part of the ISOPHIT certification program (I took the second part in April) and gain some more knowledge about the apparatus and how to apply it effectively.  It’s really a game changer.

The second part of the Joint Injury Management Series is almost completed!  Due to schedules I don’t know if I’ll be able to roll it out this year and may have to wait until next year to get it going, but that just means I can do it back to back with my initial course again on the knee.  This one focuses on the shoulder and will help fellow trainers and other therapists learn pathology and solutions for things like rotator cuff problems, labral tears, tennis elbow and more!

The third exciting thing is I’m finally putting together a short Ebook on total back care and recovery from back injury.  I’m excited to say that this offering will be FREE and will provide comprehensive information about your spinal health including recovery movements, strength movements and some things you can focus on to make sure back injury never comes back once it’s gone!

So essentially besides training my clients all the time I have a lot on the go.  If you have any interest in anything I’ve discussed please let me know and I’m happy to sign you up for updates and get you on my mailing list for the new Ebook and course offering.  Just click on the subscribe button at the top right!

And, as always you can follow me on Facebook and other social media outlets.

Just a quick update for today, but much, much more to come in the future from the Institute!

You Don’t Move

Let’s break down the typical day of a regular office worker in terms of movement.

Wake up and walk into the bathroom (20 steps).  Shower (standing still for 5 minutes).  Walk back into the bedroom and get dressed, walk downstairs and have breakfast (maybe 80 steps total and 1 flight of stairs).

Walk to the car (usually 50 more steps) and then sit down and drive to work.  Maybe head into the drive thru because hey, why get out of the car?  Park at work and walk to the desk (taking the elevator of course).  Sit.  Walk to two meetings which are on another floor but use the elevator anyway (maybe another 200 steps total).  If I can Skype in, even better!

Eat lunch at my desk (I’m trying to be healthy after all and I’m busy).  Or maybe take the elevator downstairs and grab something quickly.  Back to the desk.  Sit some more.  Walk to my car, sit and drive home.  Wow, what a long day.  Sit at dinner.  Then transfer to the couch for some relaxation and into bed (maybe another 200 steps total for the evening).

This is typical of most people in today’s society.  We sit, barely move and don’t do anything all day.

“But wait!” you cry.  “I work out four times a week for an hour!”.  Yes.  You drive to the gym, probably sit on a cardio machine for 30-40 minutes or do some strength work where you are sitting or lying down most of the time.  At least you’re moving, but would it shock you to see that even if you work out 4 times a week for an hour, you’re only exercising 2% of your weekly time?  And in terms of adding movement, unless you only do cardio (which you should not do, by the way – please strength train) you’re maybe adding about 2000 steps to your week walking into and out of the gym and to the various pieces of equipment.


My point is, we don’t move any more.  We don’t walk to school as kids, we take the bus or get driven.  We don’t exercise anything close to daily and many of us don’t exercise at all.  We drive EVERYWHERE.  Even in my job as a trainer in a gym, I stand all day but I’m certainly not moving around much in terms of steps.  I do what I can – I walked to a grocery store just now to get my groceries and walked back.  But it’s really not that much – and the majority of people wouldn’t even do that.

Generations ago, we got up and at least walked to school.  Many of us would have worked on farms and been doing things before and after school and work.  We played sports outside or in school daily.  Now generations of kids grow up in front of a screen and we wonder why they don’t want to be active and the obesity rate in children has more than doubled in 30 years.  And now those children are adults – you’re probably one of them.

Your body is the only machine that breaks down faster if it doesn’t get used regularly.  Sedentary life leads to all sort of issues, never mind stiffness and pack of strength.  Throw overeating into the mix and we wonder why as a society we have chronic illness, need joint replacements and many of us are in pain constantly simply from our daily lifestyle.

What’s the solution?  Pretty simple:


The only way this will change is if we all as individuals take steps to change it and to reinforce behavior in others.  Devices like FitBit and other trackers have things heading in the right direction by prompting more steps per day.  However, there are other examples in our daily lives and business we can use to increase our level of movement – here’s some ideas:

Walking meetings – have a one on one meeting?  Take it outside or even do laps around the floor.  Odds are if you need to show them something that you can pull it up on a phone or tablet.  It will help both you and your colleague.

Park Further Away – This one is an obvious one but something not many people do.  I will often pull into a mall or parking lot and intentionally park in one of the spots farthest from the door.  It takes an extra two minutes to walk but gives you extra movement.  Plus no worrying about finding a spot!

Plan Your Errands – This falls under the heading of PLANNING.  Have a bunch of stops?  Instead of driving between stores, head to an area where you can walk from place to place and go back to the car to drop things off.  You can easily get in a few kilometers of walking just doing groceries, hardware store and heading to Starbucks in between.

Add Evenings In – Instead of automatically dropping onto the couch at the end of the night, make a walk a priority.  Tell yourself that you need to do 30 minutes before watching your first show.  And for those of us here in Canada, weather isn’t an excuse – bundle up!


Let this be a bit of a wake up call.  Take the time to really figure out how much movement you do on a daily basis and resolve to increase it.  It really doesn’t take much, it doesn’t take high intensity exercise and it doesn’t take more time.  It simply takes an adjustment to how you go through your day.  Can you add it in?  You definitely can.  Throwing in ten minutes of focused mobility work will only help more.  Feel free to message me for ideas on easy homework I give my clients to help them feel and move better without pain every day.  My goal is to get you MOVING.  Because right now – you don’t.

If this article prompted you to move more, let me know!  You can find me on Facebook and LinkedIn under David Bateman, my web site at http://www.srottawa.com and on Twitter at  @strengthottawa.  Feel free to share it as well!






Why I Don’t Agree with Online Training (But I’m Trying it Anyway)

Part of the whole philosophy behind person training (at least for me) is that it is personal.  It is dictated by the client and based on their individual structure and movement ability and goals.  Every exercise has a purpose and a goal during each workout, even if it is simply to have more resistance along the same profile than the last time we met.  Each week we try to progressively move forward down the path of their choosing.  My clients get 100% of my attention when they are with me, sometimes to the point of annoyance.  But I just consider that part of my job.

Online training to me in the fitness industry has always meant cookie cutter programs, sent to each person who was promised a “custom workout and diet”.  I’ve actually known fitness competitors who place in one show turned “pro trainers” who simply copy and paste workouts that their coach did with them and send them to all of their clients online.  To me that has no integrity, skill or purpose whatsoever.  It isn’t anything that the person couldn’t find themselves for free online with a simple Google search, but for some reason they are willing to pay someone $100 a month for it.  Strange but true.

So what’s the solution?  As you can (and probably have) read on my blog, I’m not one to spout a bunch of garbage because there is enough of that in my industry.  Online training is only as good as the trainer and the trainee.  At the end of the day, if you don’t do the work, you’re not going to get the results.  What an online program provides you with is at least a big tool in order to get started on that journey without the travel, cost of a trainer in person or getting ripped off by your local chain gym.  Fundamentally if people want to work with someone online at least when they are working with someone like me or my colleagues they are getting a trainer that still operates with some integrity.  Like I have always said – vet your trainers carefully, people!

The trick is to find that bridge where there is proper attention to detail (at least as much as can be controlled) and the proper intention behind each exercise.  Is it going to be as effective as working one on one with someone?  Of course not.  But it is certainly better than nothing and can sometimes prompt people to seek out a good trainer to work with in person.  At least that is my hope behind starting this up.  Even if it isn’t with me, with any luck I can create some results for people and fuel their desire to be healthy and move better even if they never actually see me face to face.

You can still get training that has purpose, intention and appropriateness without the same level of detail that you might get working with someone one on one, and it might fit better into your budget.  I’ve had to turn away far too many clients due to budget restrictions that really need help and guidance and support, and that always upsets me.  It might sound a bit arrogant, but I would rather have people working with someone who actually knows and cares about what they are doing than working with about 80% of the trainers you see in most gyms across the country.  They simply don’t care enough or have enough education to know why they are doing things.

So there you have it – I’m online!  I’ll keep you posted on how things progress and if this mad experiment becomes something that I can continue.  I have software ready to go and if you want to check it out, simply email me.  And, if you want to help me out as I get this little venture started, let me know.  I’m offering a substantial discount if people are willing to put up with some bugs in the system and give me 3 months to help them out.