Runner Coaching Special Offer for December

One of my jobs over the past 15 years has been coaching runners of all shapes, sizes and ability levels towards whatever goals they might have in the running world.  I have coached Boston Marathon qualifiers, 1:30 half marathon runners, and many, many people towards doing their first race straight off of the couch as well as walkers.  I’ve personally done two full marathons, over a dozen 1/2 marathons and every other type of race over the years.

My belief is that anyone can accomplish their goal given proper progression over time and appropriate stimulation of strength and endurance combined.


Ottawa Race Weekend on May 23rd, 2015 is one of the best races in North America, and offers every type of race from a 5k right up to the full marathon.  Most years I have 1/2 a dozen clients participating, and I’d like to offer for you to join my client roster with some online runner coaching from January 1st right to Race Day.

The good news about this service is that most of it is done via virtual support, which can save my clients money and time – get all of the guidance you need to without having to come into the studio and train in person.

What is included with coaching:

  • An assessment of your goals and current ability with a realistic goal setting strategy for your race.
  • Weekly workouts programmed month to month with distances, paces and skill workouts outlined in detail (hill work, tempo work, interval work and others if needed).
  • Adjustment allotted for treadmill users and cross training suggestions for people who don’t want to run all of the time!
  • Constant feedback and adjustment to schedule if needed due to time constraints.
  • Race Week and Race Day coaching including nutrition tips and course strategy – know exactly what you’re going to do before you do it!
  • Support and follow up continually for the duration of your program from start to finish.

As a special promotion for Ottawa and the month of December, anyone who is attempting Ottawa Race Weekend (or any race in May) can receive coaching beginning January 1st up to and including Race Day (and afterwards) for only $299 plus HST.  This is an incredible value for the runner in your life, or if you are even thinking about participating in Race Weekend (or doing another race in May elsewhere).  Get your spring running fitness set right away in January!

If you want to see or contact references of past success stories or have any questions feel free to contact me through the web site or at, or simply call me at 613-252-2972.  I look forward to helping you reach whatever goal you are working towards.

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