The fundamental truth about changing anything in your life is that it takes time and effort.  I have talked about this many times before and constantly have to talk people down from expecting things to change overnight.  In our society we are used to getting things right away, whether it be email, text messages, fast food, even watching a movie can be done instantly online thanks to modern technology.  We forget about the fact that advancing a career, learning, growing a family and relationships take time and effort, like anything in life.

But in our society people rush into relationships and when they aren’t instantly happy they get divorced because it is easy.  We take up workout programs and diets over and over again because they are really easy to start – but somewhere along the way we lose momentum because we expect this massive change within a short period of time and when it doesn’t happen, instead of continuing for some reason we just stop.  We consume crappy things because it makes us feel good for the moment, but then the negative things that happen afterwards just stall our progress.

By just continuing on the path, even if the results don’t happen as fast as you like you’re going to be far better off over time than if you stop and start something different.  Ours is a society where we don’t finish what we start.  We give up way too easily.  We needlessly over-complicate things like health and nutrition and exercise when most tried and true methods are always accomplished given enough time and effort.

So as a message to take away for today, remember that even making one simple change – today – can fundamentally alter the way that your future unfolds before you.  Today you always have a choice as to what you want to do, eat, drink, how you want to sleep, what you want to accomplish.  The world is in front of you, but we as humans always allow what is behind us to guide our path rather than just moving forward.  Once you realize that each day doesn’t have to be affected by what you did the day before it can be a very liberating feeling.  Just because you have missed 5 days of working out doesn’t mean that you have to – today.  Just because you ate a pint of ice cream last night because you were feeling depressed doesn’t mean you have to do it again – today.  You skipped yoga yesterday, but you can find another class to go to – today.

Our lives have an immense duration.  Who you were five years ago isn’t who you are now and who you are now isn’t going to be anywhere close to who you are five years from now.  You might have a different job, city, partner, spouse, and this can all be guided by making that one simple choice and then doing it consistently over time.  Remember, even the Grand Canyon started as a little stream at some point.  But it had to start.  And all of us can start whatever we want to – today.

So say it out loud – “I am going to do (whatever you want to get done) today.”  Make a choice and move forward.  That’s the only way to possibly change over time.

If you’re looking for a good book, I recommend The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.  It’s what inspired this post and is an easy read.  I hope you enjoy it.

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